We partner with the Forum for Social Studies (Addis Ababa) and the Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (Yangon) to enable research capacity development through: the allocation of small, medium and large grants; mentoring in research methods and dissemination; facilitation of learning between grantees; support in advocacy; stimulating debate and discussion; and fostering multi-disciplinary co-operation within wider research networks.

Research supported by our grants should address one or more of three research themes (read about them here), and contribute to understandings of the relationship between Parliaments, elected politicians, and people in society.

Grantees will be required to include arts and humanities methods, theories and/or design outputs. The latter should be created with professional media, arts, and theatre organisations, and draw on the expertise of selected world-class specialists, with the budget for support, guidance, mentoring, and training to be drawn from the grant awarded by us, or elsewhere.


P4P Grantees Cherry, Van and Tsegaye