Research and Resources

Here network members share practical advice, toolkits and other training resources to help advance arts and humanities approaches to the study of political engagement. They also reflect on the methodologies and mediums that can be employed in such research. As the work of the network progresses it is intended that this resource will develop through the creative interaction of academics, artists, activists and practitioners.

International Networks

International Networks for Research on Parliaments

Cristina Leston Bandeira | University of Leeds

Whilst parliaments have been the focus of very considerable research in some countries for decades, such as in the United States, this is still a relatively under-developed research area within politics. Many reasons explain this, but the main one is related to access to information and data.

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The Art of Interviewing

Professor Emma Crewe | SOAS

When doing fieldwork can be assumed that every individual is different in some respects (e.g., individual history, identity, experience) but shares traits in common with other people in other respects (e.g., gender, social position, values, profession, nationality, ethnicity etc).

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