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The articles, insights, musings and analyses posted here shine a light on how relationships between parliaments, politicians and people are configured in different places and spaces, across a range of contexts and cultures. 

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 “Kirk Humphrey and  ‘People over Politics’: Winds of Change in Barbadian Politics” (18th September 2018). In this article, Shalinder Carter reflects on a pivotal moment in Barbadian political history – the May 2018 general election. Granted unrivalled access to the campaign of political newcomer Kirk Humphrey, Carter charts his success in revitalising political engagement amongst an electorate suffering from a surfeit of neglect by their politicians and disillusionment with parliamentary democracy. Humphrey defeated the sitting Prime Minister, and in doing so, argues Carter, he has become a symbol of hope not just for people in Barbados, but for positive and inclusive democratic political engagement everywhere.