P4P small Grant 

“An Appraisal of Communication between Parliamentarians and People: A Case Study of Chaffe Oromia, Ethiopia”

Asebe Regassa Debelo (PI), Getawhew Tadesse (Co-I)

In Ethiopia, the relationship between legislators and their constituents is expected to follow a bilateral flow of information and ideas about policy. Moreover, the nature of the relationship between legislators and the people they represent is core to determining the latter’s trust in government and its legitimacy and efficacy in delivering on promised policies. In recent years, society’s deteriorating trust in government – evidenced in a series of protests, uprisings and resistance; and in the latter’s coercive responses – has been articulated as a failure on the part of regional legislators to adequately represent the needs and demands of their constituents. This is nowhere more evident than in Oromia regional state. Based on the premise that Oromia is both the epicentre of public protest and of ongoing political transformation in the country, this project investigates the relationships, strategies, forms, and patterns of communication between legislators in Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state council and their respective constituents.