P4P medium Grant 

“Building Bridges Through Art”

Aung Kyaw Tun (PI), Pyae Sone Aung (Co-I), Daniel Ehrlich (Co-I)

This project tests the effect of using traditional Myanmar performance to organically stimulate dialogue between artists, the general population, and elected political representatives on the theme of deepening democracy. Historically, travelling zat pwe artists were the primary conduit of communication between politicians and people, able to reach the most remote rural areas; and they have remained vital and effective to this day. Harnessing the continuing power and prevalence of travelling theatre troupes, this project challenges the playwrights behind the zat pwe performances to create classically-staged dramas on such democratic themes as tolerance, inclusiveness and equality. It will then assemble a troupe and tour a programme that embeds these commissioned pieces using the classical form (anyeint pwe), testing the reaction of a variety of public audiences across different regions in Myanmar.