The Global Research Network on Parliaments and People’s ‘Deepening Democracy’ project supports researchers in Ethiopia and Myanmar who are interested in examining the relationships between parliaments, politicians and people; encourages the integration of arts and humanities approaches, and creative industries in this scholarly endeavour;  and facilitates training and mentoring to help support research capacity.

P4P funded projects

We have awarded more than £800,000 to academics, artists and activists across Ethiopia and Myanmar to study cultures of political engagement, representation, and participation using collaborative and interdisciplinary methods and approaches. Read more

Resources and support

How do you write a winning grant application? And once you’ve won a grant for your research, how do you set about interviewing people? And then, once you’re project is complete, how do you identify the right journal for your research? Our network members provide a series of resources on the art and pragmatics of research.  Read more

Ethnography of parliaments

Professor Emma Crewe leads a cohort of anthropologists – drawn from the GRNPP Core Team, Co-Is and P4P Grant recipients among others – to conduct a five-year global comparative ethnography of parliaments. The research will establish anthropology as a potentially transformative source of scholarship about a topic and field of research historically dominated by the political sciences. Read more