welcome to the global research network on parliaments and people


Our network promotes the study of parliaments and people. We support inquiry, scrutiny and debate on this topic via grants, training workshops,  mentoring and advice. We are particularly interested in opening up the study of political representation, engagement and participation to collaborations across disciplinary boundaries –  including the arts and humanities, and creative and cultural industries. Our aim is to generate, support, and share insights into the relationships between parliaments, politicians and people in ways that deepen democratic dialogue and foster more inclusive forms of democracy.


what we do


Support research on parliaments in Ethiopia and Myanmar

(AHRCGCRF; 2017 –  2020)

The ‘Deepening Democracy’ project team has awarded almost 40 Parliaments & People (P4P) Grants totalling £800,000 to academics, artists and activists across Ethiopia and Myanmar who wish to study the relationships between parliaments, politicians and people. In particular, we encourage projects that integrate arts and humanities methods and approaches. In addition, we  facilitate mentoring, research training, seminars, and peer-to-peer learning workshops amongst our P4P Grant recipients and emergent research communities. Read more

Participate in international, interdisciplinary advocacy coalitions

Image copyright Min Ar Kar Thet (based on P4P research conducted by Cherry Soe Mon)

(AHRC-GCRF Follow-On Funding; 2019 – 2020)

We are deeply committed to encouraging inclusive global networks and coalitions, and are proud to be partners in the Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) – led advocacy project ‘Reducing Inequalities in Public Engagement in Myanmar’.  A multi-stakeholder Alliance for Inclusive Democracy is developing a strategy for action around deeper democracy, while researchers and artists enter into creative collaborations aimed at furthering the call for change in Myanmar. Read more

Encourage engagement between scholars and parliamentarians

Mobilising Global Voices Conference (Feb 2019) – members of the UK Parliament’s International Development Select Committee give evidence to a global cohort of researchers, including P4P Grant recipient Mitiku Gabrehiwot. Image copyright AHRC (via Twitter).

We believe that researchers have a role and responsibility beyond knowledge-production, and that policy-makers and policy-making processes have much to gain from the input of expert analysis from a wide range of academic disciplines and across the globe. We liaise with parliamentarians and scholars to advocate for their deeper engagement with each other, and work with them to find ways to make this happen.

Conduct global comparative ethnographic research on parliaments

(ERC Advanced Grant; 2019 – 2024).

We are embarking on a comparative ethnography of representation, relationships, and ruptures between parliaments, politicians and people in Brazil, Fiji, Ethiopia, India, the UK and the USA. Professor Emma Crewe (PI), and Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira  (Co-I), lead a research team comprising Dr Richard Axelby and Dr Jastinder Kaur (SOAS University of London),  Professor Cristiane Brum (Legislative School of Brazilian Chamber of Deputies), and Mitiku Tesfaye Gabrehiwot (Mekelle University, Ethiopia) on this five-year project. Read more



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